Labour Insight Sample Report

We offer a sample report, which gives an overview of the employer and skills requirements in your region. The report is indicative and features a snapshot from 2015.  For a current and more in-depth view, we’d strongly recommend taking a 30 minute online demo where we can show you the full features of Labour Insight and delve into any areas in particular you’d like to see.

The report will cover:

  • A summary on your regions Labour Market
  • Which occupations are in highest demand
  • Which skills are in highest demand
  • The top industries actively recruiting
  • Towns with the most job postings
  • The top employers recruiting
  • Percentage of job postings by type
  • Key occupation analysis

A more granular view

For a more detailed view of LMI for your town or region, we offer online demonstrations, which take around 30-40 minutes.  We recommend these to get a much better understanding of what Labour Insight can offer.  Get in touch to book yours.