In order for your business to succeed, it goes without saying that you need to understand where your customers are, and what they are saying about you and your competitors. As such, social media engagement has become a critical part of every marketer’s toolbox.

A report published in 2016* shows that 84% of all UK adults use social media, and two-thirds of UK adults use social media every day. Your customers will be talking about your product, whether you are listening or not. Social media monitoring enables you to track, monitor and engage with individuals directly. In doing so, you foster brand loyalty, increased inbound web traffic, and greater opportunities to convert leads.

What is Microsoft Social Engagement?

Microsoft Social Engagement is a new app from Microsoft which integrates with your Dynamics CRM, allowing you to monitor and manage your social media accounts from within it, and removing the need for expensive third party social monitoring platforms. The app is also capable of automatically tracing the sentiment across all social posts, allowing you to target specific keywords or phrases.

Integration with Connect CRM

Microsoft Social Engagement can be used as a stand alone product or integrated as part of your Connect CRM. When it is used in conjunction with Connect, leads can be transferred directly to CRM, to be used with the effective, built-in work process programme.

See for yourself how Connect streamlines processes, ultimately increasing profitability, and enabling you to cultivate long-term, value-driven relationships with customers.

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