Welcome to the first part of what I hope will become a useful checklist for organisations looking to buy, or who have recently bought a Dynamics 365 solution.

We have many years’ experience developing and delivering MIS solutions for SMBs and we are acutely aware of the sticking points that crop up during implementation.  It helps to spend time planning exactly what you want from the system and how it will affect each area of your business.  This will have a huge impact on whether your implementation will run smoothly or not, which ultimately costs more time and resource.

  1. Consult key stakeholders before finalising your brief
    • Take time to identify areas of inefficiency with the current systems– to make sure these get addressed within the new solution and surrounding processes
    • Engage your end users early on to understand what everyone wants to get out of new solution
  2. Communicate the change
    • People don’t like change so be clear on why the change is necessary and what it means across all levels of the business
  3. Provide context to all involved
    • The end-users should be made aware of how the new system they will be using fits into the broader business aims

The above may seem like common sense, and among the constant need to just get things done, it is all too easy to skip over some of these aspects, but that can just lead to resistance and indecision further down the line – often undermining the very reason for making the change to begin with.

The next part of this series will look at project planning workshops and how to get the most from them.

Author: Marie Mapstone, MS Dynamics 365 Product Director