Alumni are a truly valuable asset, don’t lose your relationship with them!

Alumni are a huge asset to any academic institution.  As well as brand ambassadors, they are potential recruiters for new graduates; as well as a significant source of revenue through donations and memberships.

Use your CRM to extract more value from your alumni data and make your life easier!

The Dynamics team here at Active have recently developed an Alumni Management feature for Dynamics 365, that customers are using to manage their data, and their alumni engagement activities.

Alumni engagement may involve a number of ongoing activities such as

  • Events & short courses
  • Email marketing
  • Social network integration
  • Jobs board
  • Fundraising
  • Surveys
  • Bursaries

All of the above can be managed through Dynamics 365 Education, keeping all your contact information in one place, and accessible across departments.  It is 80% Alumni-ready leaving the remaining 20% to configure and match the specific needs of your organisation; meaning each solution is bespoke.

Simple and effective data collection & analysis

Dynamics 365 Education simplifies the management of your Alumni data and allows you to gather important analytics about individuals, and the level of engagement, allowing you to adapt your contact strategy accordingly.

The Alumni Management feature is proving to be a popular addition to our Dynamics 365 Education product; and was created initially for the British Film Institute Academy, who are using it as the primary way of managing their alumni.

If you’d like to know more please get in touch – we are offering online demonstrations to universities and academic institutes across the UK.