7 reasons why it’s the best way to understand your labour market

Labour insight UK is 7 years old this month!  Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of customers, from across education, local government, training and careers to generate the data they need, from the millions of job postings available online.

The UK labour market is constantly changing, and as such, real-time data is crucial in order to get a true reflection of what’s happening today.

Since 2012, the jobs market in this country has changed immeasurably, and with significant effects on the businesses that feed it.  Skills shortages are a very real problem and the workforce is currently struggling to cope with the increased demand in some sectors, while other sectors are at risk of automation.

Significant changes in the labour market since 2012:

  1. The technology revolution and demand for new skills
  2. Changes in our working patterns – Increase in part time and zero hours contracts, More home and flexible working
  3. Salary growth has stalled
  4. Deindustrialisation – decreasing manufacturing
  5. Workforce changes – growth in net migration
  6. Increased demand for degree level qualifications
  7. Movement of corporations due to Brexit

Labour Insight allows us to see the results of these changes over time since 2012.  We’ve picked 7 top reasons (there are many more!) why Labour Insight data can provide the granular insight needed to draw precise conclusions, which just isn’t possible with other sources of LMI data.

Knowledge is power – 7 reasons Labour Insight enables greater understanding:

  1. Historic: The only source of historic job postings going back to 2012
  2. Millions of job postings: Labour Insight pulls in postings from 40,000 different online sources
  3. Real time: Job posting to Labour Insight in 48 hours
  4. Accuracy: You can view the actual job advert/posting that all reports and data is based on
  5. Granular: Eleven different levels of geography
  6. Salaries data: Mean and median salaries shown against government data
  7. Skills Clusters: Identify emerging markets, occupations and skills

If you need an accurate understanding of the job market in the UK, or in any of the other geographies we can supply, please feel free to ask us a question, or request a 30 minute no obligation demonstration.

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