The Unified Interface is a new interface for Dynamics 365 – so if you’re a long-standing Active customer, your Dynamics Education CRM may be due for an upgrade soon. The main reason for the switch is to give users across devices an improved experience. The Unified Interface uses a responsive design so that your CRM will appear consistent across all devices, browsers and individual applications.

A major benefit of the Dynamics 365 cloud platform is the ability to access and update records from any device, anywhere. In the past, customers had to be familiar with different interfaces for web, mobile and Outlook.

The entire Dynamics 365 platform is shifting towards a responsive web experience that will ultimately result in the retirement of the classic browser client and mobile apps in the next year or so – Microsoft is yet to confirm a cut-off date.


What are the other benefits of the new UI for Dynamics?

Improved navigation

One of the biggest changes is the expansion of the sitemap, making it far easier for users to quickly find the functions they need. Lefthand menu shortcuts make better use of space and help users access the most popular areas. The Unified Interface also offers a simplified instant access, bringing users’ most recent page visits and pinned items right to the top.

Richer dashboards

The Unified Interface allows you to access dashboards specifically to the entity or area that you’re working in. New visual features enable you to display charts that act as filters on the entire dashboard. Users can easily interpret data and list their preferred views before drilling down further. The unified interface offers enhanced dashboards that are more compact.  The graphs scale better in small and large views and the scales are more legible.

Business Process Flows

Users can now simply click a business process stage to access the relevant field.   You can also dock the business process stage on your screen to drive efficiency and stay focused at the task in hand.

New Field Controls

There is now the ability to map a URL field and show a preview of a website or page. Users can also embed videos to provide a richer customer experience for sales teams. Finally, auto-complete controls filter an item list as you type, making it easy to select the relevant value from a drop-down list.

Better use of space

Entity forms have less white space and can therefore accommodate more fields and more data.

Improved performance

The Unified Interface also improves performance by loading data more quickly.


What happens now?

New customers will have the new UI upon implementation.  However, for our existing clients who are using the classic interface; we will be in touch over the coming weeks to discuss roll out of UI and to discuss any training requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns about the change to your system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

IT administrators can access the Microsoft guide to UI here >>