Last updated 25th April

Real-time job vacancy data is helping us see the true impact of Covid-19 on the UK labour market. Labour Insight is a real-time LMI tool which includes data from online job adverts including Data is available to view as recently as the last 48 hours.

It’s important to view job postings in context to avoid focusing on the peaks and troughs that are typical for online recruitment. Job postings often come in waves, with employers posting on specific days of the month as a matter of practice. The best way to tell the difference between a seasonal shift and an actual market change is to make year-on-year comparisons.

Using Time Series Analysis to see the current picture of the UK labour market

Labour Insight includes unique Times Series Analysis functionality, enabling the user to quickly and easily view the total job count for the UK, job count by location, job count by occupation and job count by industry over time, either weekly or monthly.

Total UK online job adverts YoY

Shown are 6,987,364 job postings for the 365 days to 25th April 2020. Total postings have increased by 1.06% in the week to 25th April.

Time series analysis by top 3 UK job locations

Shown are 5,481,550 job postings which specified location, for the 365 days to 25th April 2020.

Time series analysis by top job occupations (BGTOCC Burning Glass Classification)

Shown are 6,504,718 job postings which specified occupation, for the 365 days to 25th April 2020.

Time series analysis by top industries

Shown are 3,990,305 job postings which specified industry, for the 365 days to 25th April 2020.

Using Labour Insight Time Series Analysis it is possible to drill down into the data further by showing just the jobs posted directly by the employer which allows for much more concise research for those users who are focusing on the impact on employer hiring patterns and industry trends. It is possible to view the actual job postings using Labour Insight for added granularity.

To view Time Series Analysis more closely and using filters relevant to your industry and location please get in touch to arrange an online session.

Please note

Roughly 15% of jobs are not posted online. Job posting data will not capture vacancies advertised on private social media accounts, in shop windows, or by word of mouth. This means that we may understate the impact in sectors and businesses where ‘offline’ hiring practices are more common. In addition, job postings data only shows hiring patterns and cannot provide insight into the impact of COVID-19 on layoffs and company restructuring.