Even though the furlough scheme is running until the end of October, the daily news seems to be full of reports of vast numbers of redundancies. Where could those who have been unlucky enough to be laid off look for work? What existing skills can they utilise? And where are the jobs?

In this series of blogs, using Labour Insight, we are going to look at the Burning Glass Occupation (BGTOCC) families with the highest number of postings from the lockdown onwards – starting with Healthcare.

From 1st March to 31st August, there have been 383K jobs in Healthcare which includes Nursing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the occupation family with the highest number of postings from March to August.

Fig. 1 Time series analysis report showing postings by BGTOCC families from 2012 to the last full month, August 2020. The call outs show the numbers of postings in August.

The majority of these postings have been for registered nurses however a significant number have been for care assistants and nursing assistants / healthcare assistants. Are these roles suitable for people who are looking for work now with the minimum amount of re-skilling?


Fig. 2 Top 10 BGTOCCs within Healthcare including nursing 01/03/20 to 31/08/20 UK wide

The chart below shows the top 10 specialised skills for care, nursing and healthcare assistants. The 4th and 5th top skills, dementia and working with a patient and/or condition: mental health are unsurprising when considering the high number of COVID-19 deaths from people with dementia as an underlying health condition.

Cleaning is a skill that has increased considerably since lockdown.

Fig. 3 Top 10 specialised skills for care, nursing & healthcare assistants 01/03/20 – 31/08/20 UK wide

Where are these jobs concentrated? Although the South East is the top region, the North West is 3rd on the list with Yorkshire and the Humber appearing in 7th position.

Fig. 4 Top regions for care, nursing and healthcare assistants 1/03/20 – 31/08/20.

In the next blog, I will be focusing on the more transferable IT roles.

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