Using Labour Insight to analyse the 6,343,290 jobs posted online in the past year, we can see which are the skills most requested by employers. These can be categorised by ‘Baseline skills’, ‘Specialised skills’, and ‘Computer and programming skills’.

Despite an increase in demand for tech jobs, the top skills employers look for are fundamentally human in nature – communication skills and team work.  33.4% of all jobs advertised require communication skills, while 14.9% need team players.

Organisational skills and customer service skills are also prioritised, and are required by 14.4% and 13.3% of all jobs respectively.

The most in-demand computer skill required across all jobs is Excel.  10.6% of all jobs require a working knowledge of the software.

Programming language SQL is buoyed by the demand for software developers and is required by 3.7% of all jobs listed.

Most in-demand skills across UK jobs in the past year by skills category:

Baseline skills

33.4% require communication skills

14.9% require teamwork

14.4% require organisational skills


Specialised skills

13.3% require customer service skills

12.2% require teaching skills

9.6% require budgeting skills


Computer skills

10.6% require Excel

6.2% require MS Office

3.7% require SQL.



Date from Labour Insight: Analysis of 6,343,290 jobs advertised over 365 days (Oct. 30, 2019 – Oct. 28, 2020) and UK-wide.