At a time when there is great emphasis on upskilling and reskilling to help those who have been laid of get back into work, I thought it might be helpful to take a look at this top IT skill. All results shown are from Labour Insight, the real-time labour market information tool.

Fig. 1 below shows the top 10 IT skills, UK wide, over the last 12 months. Excel is streets ahead – over 10% of ALL job ads this year require use of Excel to some degree.

This is followed by MS Office with 6.1%. Word appears at 2.2% after SQL and a number of coding skills.

top 10 IT skills today

Fig. 1 Top 10 IT skills UK wide, last 12 months.

We have had great conversations about this in recent training sessions and theories as to the reasons for this big difference abound. One theory ventured by a Labour Insight user in the Careers sector was that Outlook is often used a lot more than Word in many roles these days. Another could be that the basic levels of Word could be considered easier to use.

Working on the Active helpdesk, we provide support for all of our data products, as well as Labour Insight and a good number of calls relate to working with Excel to produce pivot tables, vlookups, charts, graphs and calculations like percentage change. With this experience in mind, these results don’t come as a surprise.

Labour market insight such as this is a great way for careers advisors and colleges to advertise the Excel courses available and attract people to sign up.


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