It’s British Science Week! – A celebration of the innovation that led the UK to excel in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It’s organised by the British Science Association to push the importance of science at the heart of culture and society, whose mission is to support, grow and diversify the community of people interested and involved in science.

For anybody interested in STEM courses or careers, you’ll be interested to know that Labour Insight has a pre-built report which gives you job vacancy data on all the STEM-focused jobs being advertised both today – and looking back over the past nine years.  Here we took a look at the STEM jobs advertised in the last 30 days. It makes for interesting reading for anyone currently studying a STEM subject, or considering a move into a STEM role!

Did you know…

In the past 30 days there were 150,673 STEM jobs advertised across the UK

The top employers for STEM jobs in the last 30 days are:

  • The NHS
  • Amazon
  • BAE Systems

Most in demand STEM occupations are:

  • Software Developer (31,606 jobs)
  • Web developer (6,630 jobs)
  • Computer Support Specialist (6,572 jobs)

The average UK STEM job salary is £46,400

The most in-demand skills required in STEM jobs are:

  • SQL
  • Software development
  • Javascript

The education subject areas in most demand for STEM jobs are:

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The number of STEM jobs being advertised in the UK increased 8.22% from January to February 2021.

Data shown includes jobs advertised online in the UK between 9th Feb – 10th March 2021.  Data from Labour Insight.

If you are a careers professional, or you work for a local authority or a university and you’d like an up to date STEM jobs report for your area please request one here!