This week is Mental Health Awareness Week – an annual event when there is an opportunity for the whole of the UK to focus on achieving good mental health.

The increased focus on achieving and maintaining good mental health means an increased demand for people with the right skills to help. Using Labour Insight we can see what types of jobs these are, where they are and how much the demand has grown for specific job titles.

Our search

Labour Insight has a vast skills taxonomy that is structured so that skills, fit into skills clusters, which in turn fit into skills cluster families. Skills cluster families can be used by education providers for example; to align their courses with employer demand and capture the full net of skills. Similarly, careers advisers at the forefront of the government Work & Health and JETS (Job Entry Targeted Support) programmes may use them to pinpoint transferrable skills to help people into work.

Employer demand for mental health skills fall into many jobs other than those that immediately jump to mind so we started our search with the Mental Health Diseases and Disorders, Mental Health Therapies and Mental and Behavioural Health Specialties skills cluster families, UK wide, last 30 days.

The Burning Glass Occupations (BGTOCCs) are much more granular and up to date than the SOC codes. The individual BGTOCCs are organised into 25 BGTOCC families which allow great, high-level reporting and occupation analysis.

To refine our search slightly, we then selected the Health Care including Nursing, Community and Social Services,  Education and Training and Personal Services BGTOCC families.

What we see is a huge demand for these occupations across the UK.

Current demand for mental health and wellbeing jobs – last 30 days

There were 27,231 jobs advertised in the last 30 days (Apr. 14, 2021 – May. 13, 2021) (an increase of 3,671 jobs over the preceding 30 days)

The top Burning Glass occupations results with our filters are:

  • Registered nurse
  • Care giver
  • Teaching assistant
  • Psychologist
  • Care assistant

Mental health occupations

Top employers are:

  • The NHS 4876 jobs
  • Elysium Healthcare Ltd 303 jobs
  • Priory Group 181 jobs
  • Scottish Ambulance service 151 jobs
  • The Good Care Group 132 jobs

The top travel to work areas for these roles are:

  • London 3328 jobs
  • Manchester 942 jobs
  • Birmingham 488 jobs
  • Liverpool 352 jobs
  • Bristol 351 jobs

The average salary across all these roles is £33,900

Changes over time

There was a 38% increase in these jobs from 2019-2020.

Examples of increased demand for specific job titles from 2019-2020 :

  • Support worker +36.2%
  • Community mental health nurse +51.37%
  • Mental health support worker +55.27%
  • Registered mental health nurse +66.65%
  • Mental health nurse +67.84%


If you would like to see a this report in more detail please get in touch and we can walk you through it online.  Alternatively, to receive a PDF report for your area please get in touch quoting Mental Health Jobs report.