Over 100 reports now in the shared space

There are now over 100 comprehensive sector reports in the shared space freely available for use by all Labour Insight users. These came from client requests over the years, have been refined and saved with 10 different types of reports

Here is a taste of what is available:

  • Health – Global health, disease prevention & drug development, bioinformatics, mental health…
  • Sectors – Retail, telecoms, logistics, nuclear, construction, digital, creative, charities, fashion, fin-tech, engineering, agri-tech, call centre jobs, counter terrorism…
  • Data – a whole range of reports on data and AI…
  • Environment – Circular economy, automotive engineering or electric cars, low carbon and biomass, sustainability…
  • Other – Disability confident employers, graduate jobs…

Each report title shows the report subject, the filters used and gives the geography and time as UK wide last 12 months.

Labour Insight reports

How to find a report

Navigate to Shared & Saved Reports > Shared by peers and change the Show reports from drop down to Share publicly.

Once there, you can either scroll through the pages or type the subject into the Keywords search box and press search. Reports using the subject in either the name of the filters used will then be displayed.

How to load and use

  1. Click on the report name (not the filters below) to open the report.
  2. Change the geography and time span to your preferences.
  3. Review the filters used.
  4. Save the report to your saved space or your organisation’s shared space.
  5. Tip – please use a good naming convention so you can use this report going forward.

How to change the reports used

If you would like to change the reports that are shown:

  1. Click on the Report Output > Focus on > Custom Report drop down.
  2. Un-tick any of the reports that you don’t want.
  3. Tick the reports that you prefer.
  4. Tip – you can display up to 10 reports at the same time.

Differences between the report filters

The reports have been built using a variation of filters:

  1. By BGTOCC or SOC – These reports have been built using the occupation grouping and bring together similar jobs.
  2. By skills or skills cluster – These reports have been built using the wider skills approach and are great for capturing every possible skill and job.
  3. By skill or skills cluster, refined by occupations or another filter – These reports are more focused than skills and skills clusters alone but bring in more jobs, skills etc. than the occupations alone.
  4. By key word or using key word – The keyword search is used for finding unusual jobs or to refine other filters. The key word search is not context sensitive so should be used with care. Please let me know if you would like more information on this.

Labour Insight reports

I hope you find these useful but please get in touch if you would like help on building a specific report.


Implementation and Support Consultant for Labour Insight


Tel: 01256 848 636 or 01256 464 749