The next week or so sees local communities celebrating action on climate change by holding their own Green Week – with thousands of green events and activities taking place promoting sustainability, recycling and environmentally friendly ways of living.

This ‘green tide’ is largely being reflected by organisations who are increasing their focus on sustainability and green technologies, meaning an increase in demand for people with the right ‘green’ skills and qualifications. We’ve taken a look at green job vacancies that have been listed online over the last 90 days in the UK to see what current demand looks like.

Data from Labour Insight – Last 90 days (Jun. 23, 2021 – Sep. 20, 2021), UK wide.

There were 9685 ‘green’ jobs advertised in this period.

The 10 most in demand ‘green’ occupations:

Environmental Scientist (1216 jobs), Sustainability specialist (968 jobs), Electrician (652 jobs)

green jobs

Electrician might seem like an odd job to appear in this list of green jobs.  However we’ve included roles which are focused on specific ‘green’ initiatives such as energy saving projects, air pollution systems and energy efficiency monitoring for example.  Similarly for ‘Lawyer’ – our report includes jobs such as Enforcement and Prosecutions lawyer for the Environment Agency, and Environment Lawyer for BT.  If you’d like to delve further in to the jobs listed within this report please ask us for a virtual demonstration and we’d be delighted to show you these results in a bit more detail.

The top 10 employers for ‘green’ jobs

Aecom (153 jobs), Jacobs Ltd (79 jobs), The Mott Macdonald Group (72 jobs)

green job employers


Future demand for skills needed for ‘green’ jobs, by national growth category:

Burning Glass has developed a methodology for projecting the future demand of skills in the job market when using Labour Insight. These projections combine econometric time series models with machine learning approaches to predict the growth in job posting demand for skills.

The top growing skills for ‘green’ jobs by rate of national growth and then by number of postings are Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy and Social Media:

projected growth

The top 10 degree subject areas required for ‘green’ jobs (where specified):

Engineering (1014 jobs), Electrical and Electronic Engineering (341 jobs), Geological and Earth Sciences (327 jobs)Subject demand for green jobs


The average salary across all the green jobs in this report is £39,000.

The green economy in your area

Do you need to understand the demand for green skills and jobs in your area? if you work within education, careers and training or local government please ask us for a complimentary 90 day report.