Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a crucial part of apprenticeships management. Training providers must recognise and record prior learning (relevant education or experience) against the apprenticeship standard, so that tutors can personalise the curriculum, adjusting course content to avoid repeating learning. This has an impact on apprenticeship funding claims.

The training provider is responsible for assessing prior learning in the initial assessment before the apprenticeship starts. Providers need to evidence that RPL has taken place, prior learning has been recorded and that the curriculum and funding has been adjusted accordingly. The ESFA will check how RPL has been recorded and used in their audit, so it’s a really important process to follow.

Dynamics 365 Education from Active automatically calculates apprenticeship funding allocation based on RPL, allowing you to easily adjust funding claims. It also enables EFSA compliance. You’ll have audit-proof evidence of each applicant’s RPL and clear, audit-ready reports to show Ofsted and the ESFA how you’ve adjusted you funding claims according to prior learning. This CRM module accounts for the changes to off-the-job learning calculations that will come into force in August 2022.*

RPL calculator

The RPL calculator within MS Dynamics 365 Education from Active

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* Apprenticeship funding rules: August 2022 to July 2023 – Summary of changes