Our aim at Active is to help colleges and training providers make the best use of their data in order to drive the best possible results.

Fundamentally, a great education focused CRM is at the heart of achieving this.  But it’s also important to ensure that all the platforms you use “talk” to each other. So that the data you’re collecting through them is reflected within your CRM, and all the facts are available in one place.

Our recent survey* of colleges and training providers showed that most (69%) did not have platforms that integrated fully with their CRM. The result of this is inefficiency, gaps in knowledge and potentially errors caused by manual data processing and information transfer between systems.

The most popular platforms being used by colleges and training providers in our survey were:

  • Top collaboration tool: MS Teams
  • Top jobs board: LinkedIn
  • Top events tool: Eventbrite
  • Top data analysis tool: PowerBI

All these platforms collect or use data which could be linking straight into your CRM. We are able to integrate all of these platforms and many more with MS Dynamics 365 to ensure all organisational data remains linked and in-sync, giving you complete accuracy in your work and helping teams keep all activities and results joined up.

Here at Active our expertise lies in helping clients organise their data. We can review your platforms and data sources and provide suggestions for how it can work better by integrating with Dynamics. 30% of our survey respondents are looking at integrating their platforms with CRM either now or in the near future and we see this number growing year on year.

Get in touch with us if you’d like a chat about how we can help you bring your data to life.

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*Survey of people working in colleges or independent training providers, October 2022.