ClickDimensions is a really powerful tool that’s being used by an increasing number of our college customers particularly student recruitment teams. ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution that can be natively built into your Dynamics CRM to streamline and capture all interactions between a prospective student and your college or university.

Easy automation and slick targeting

You can create automated recruitment campaigns, aimed at students who express an interest in your college by visiting an open day for example. The campaign automation includes several recruitment messages, all built with the drag and drop email editor. This allows for customisation, adding each prospective student’s name and the event they attended for a more personalised experience. Within the automation, you can invite recipients to download your prospectus, or visit a particular web page. Landing pages can also be created within ClickDimensions – and no coding knowledge is required! With ClickDimensions’ web intelligence, you can see within your CRM record – every page a prospective student has viewed on your website, helping you to target those individuals more effectively on the journey from recruitment to enrolment.

Following open days and events you may want to survey your attendees, and this can also be easily set up using ClickDimensions and the data you now have recorded in your CRM. When a respondent completes the survey, all their responses are linked to their CRM record, giving you a more rounded view of your prospect and their interests.

In addition ClickDimensions gives you a wide variety of other useful tools that can be incorporated into student recruitment campaigns such as social marketing, SMS messaging, event management and detailed reporting.

Case study

See how Dublin City University used ClickDimensions to sustain their recruitment efforts and student relationships during the pandemic:

“ClickDimensions is brilliant in capturing data so we can keep in touch and keep relationships going with prospective students. It is a key component in our recruitment strategy.”

Active are ClickDimensions education partners, and Dynamics CRM specialists, so please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about Click in general, how it integrates with your CRM or to request a quote or a demo for your college or university!