G-Cloud (Government Cloud) is a UK government initiative that offers a framework for public sector organisations to procure cloud-based services from approved suppliers There are around 31,000 cloud services on the G-Cloud framework. Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

Other than speeding up the aquisition process, using G-Cloud has several other benefits compared to traditional tender processes for public sector organisations looking to source a new product or service:

It’s Cost-Effective:

Suppliers provide competitive, transparent pricing, often with discounts for public sector organizations. This can result in cost savings compared to traditional procurement methods.

Gain Access to Specialised Expertise:

G-Cloud includes a wide range of suppliers offering specialised cloud-based services. Public sector organisations can easily find and access providers with the specific expertise they need.

Reduced Administrative Burden:

G-Cloud streamlines the procurement process with standardised contracts, reducing administrative paperwork and legal negotiations.

Transparency and Accountability:

G-Cloud promotes transparency in the procurement process by providing detailed information on services and pricing. This transparency helps ensure accountability and value for money.

Security and Compliance:

Suppliers must meet government security and compliance standards, reducing the burden on organisations to assess security and compliance measures independently.

Innovation and Access to New Technologies:

Public sector organisations can readily access innovative, cutting-edge cloud services, staying up to date with the latest technology trends.

Reduced Risk:

G-Cloud minimises the risk of selecting unqualified or unreliable suppliers. The approved suppliers have undergone a vetting process.

Consistency and Standardisation:

G-Cloud uses standardised contracts and service level agreements, providing a consistent and clear framework for service delivery.

Who can use G-Cloud?

All government departments, local authorities, colleges and universities, police forces, fire and rescue services and wider public-sector bodies are eligible to buy services on the Digital Marketplace.

Active are proud to be an accredited G-Cloud Cloud software supplier.



You can find a list of approved Cloud software suppliers – including us! – here https://www.digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk/g-cloud/suppliers