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Labour Insight turns 7!

7 reasons why it’s the best way to understand your labour market Labour insight UK is 7 years old this month!  Since 2012, we’ve helped hundreds of customers, from across education, local government, training and careers to generate the data they need, from the...

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Six reasons to switch your CRM to the Cloud

We take a look at the reasons why Cloud-based, rather than on-premise CRM has fast become the preferred option for customers.  85% of our Dynamics 365 Education clients have their CRM based in the Cloud and this is growing every year.   Firstly, what does...

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Alumni Management using your CRM

Alumni are a truly valuable asset, don't lose your relationship with them! Alumni are a huge asset to any academic institution.  As well as brand ambassadors, they are potential recruiters for new graduates; as well as a significant source of revenue through donations...

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Customer Update: City College Plymouth

We recently revisited City College Plymouth to carry out some required updates to their Dynamics 365 Education system. They have had our product for about a year now, and as part of our Customer Success Programme, we made some system improvements to help them get the...

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‘Work from home’ jobs increase by 27% in two years

In 2017, there were 147K jobs advertised over the whole of the UK where the employer indicated that the role can be based remotely or where working from home is possible on a full time or part time basis. This is a 27% increase on 2015. As the number of companies...

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Jobs at risk of automation in the UK

When watching sci-films it’s interesting to see how writers and directors imagine our world to be in 20, 50 or 100 years from now. These films often drive technological advancement by sowing the seed in the minds of the young inventors of the future. What about our...

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