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Time for Britain to face up to its post-Brexit skills shortage

A new and dramatic wrinkle seems to be added to the process of Brexit talks every week. But rumbling underneath the political positioning are some fundamental problems for business. Perhaps the most startling challenge is the prospect of a cavernous skills gap. A lot...

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Is the cost of getting a degree worth it?

With the number of young people planning on going to university falling to its lowest level in eight years, universities are having to work even harder to recruit. Tuition fees in England are now the highest in the world, and set to rise further over the next few...

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Developing an employer engagement strategy in 4 easy steps

Employer engagement in further education covers a large area. From employer’s visits and job fairs to providing careers advice, to apprenticeships, traineeships and work placement. Employers can also provide valuable feedback on the current curriculum and what they...

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Labour market insight: Pilots & Cabin Crew

Monday’s news about Monarch entering administration shocked many of us.  The glamorous image conjured by the airline industry is at odds with the reality that has left an estimated 110,000 British holidaymakers stranded, and 2,100 employees out of work. Questions are...

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Home grown engineers – a dying breed?

A while ago on Breakfast News I heard that it is estimated that we would need to source all engineering work from outside the UK by 2020. This alarming news has stayed with me ever since. The Independent highlighted this issue in 2015 and James Dyson talked about the...

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Increasing demand for Cybersecurity skills in the UK

New National Security Centre opens The Queen officially opens the new National Cyber Security Centre in London today, which is designed to protect Britain from the growing threat of online attacks. It follows increasingly high profile security breaches which have put...

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