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Careers Explorer - versatile careers information tool with LMI

Widely used by colleges and councils, Careers Explorer delivers impartial and evidence-based careers advice using information about the local job market. Information about careers options is delivered in an easy to understand and engaging way with links to live job vacancies.

Key Features

  1. Include real-time local labour market intelligence on your website
  2. Direct links to apprenticeships on NAS, Indeed jobs feed and current labour market data
  3. Display anywhere on your website
  4. Configure results to your local area


  1. Provides easy to understand and engaging careers information
  2. Simple and fast implementation onto your website – either as a link or embedded
  3. Promotes local education and training courses including apprenticeships
  4. Supports local careers advisors who can access the tool via your website
  5. Helps local schools and colleges with curriculum planning based on local labour requirements
  6. Supports local job seekers

See Careers Explorer in use:

A stand-alone website has been implemented by Plymouth City Council:

Luton Borough Council and Surrey County Council are using an embedded version of Careers Explorer within their own websites:

Either option is available to customers.


“Careers Explorer takes our website from providing static information about progression pathways to offering real-time information to support decisions about sustainable careers in the local area. The wide range of information available, which is presented in a very user friendly way, enables young people to look at the elements most relevant to them to make an informed decision about their next steps.”
Dee Turvill

Commissioning Manager, Learning & Skills, Surrey County Council

Course Explorer - For college marketers and careers teams

Course Explorer uses labour market information (LMI) to drive learner recruitment through the promotion of appropriate courses and career paths.

Course Explorer is used by colleges to promote paths to employment that match the needs of individual learners. It provides a unique way to drive leads and increase website engagement, while supporting prospective and current learners with the most current local course and job vacancy information.

Course Explorer

Key Features

  • Embed within your own website
  • Evidence based careers advice
  • Match courses to occupations and local jobs
  • Simple and fast integration
  • Local and easy to understand LMI
  • Configurable data sources

Key Benefits

  • Drive enquiries and enrollments from prospective learners
  • Use to inform curriculum planning
“Course Explorer is proving very popular with young people – they are more likely to convert to an application if they have used the website. The simple search has allowed us to link each course to a relevant list of careers.”

South Essex College of Further & Higher Education

Customers include

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