Careers Explorer

Helping you meet the Gatsby Benchmarks

Used by colleges and councils, Careers Explorer delivers impartial and evidence-based careers advice using information about the local job market. Information about careers options is delivered in an easy to understand and engaging way with links to live job vacancies.

Instead of providing static information about progression pathways, Careers Explorer offers real-time information to support decisions about sustainable careers in your local area. The wide range of information available, which is presented in a very user-friendly way, enables young people and job seekers to look at the elements most relevant to them in order to make an informed decision about their next steps.


Key benefits

  • Careers Explorer is used by customers to help them meet the Gatsby Benchmarks
  • Provides evidence based careers advice
  • Matches courses to occupations and local jobs
  • Direct links to apprenticeships on NAS and Adzuna jobs feed
  • Results configured to your local area.

For use in education

  • For learner recruitment: it drives enquiries and enrollments from prospective learners
  • For marketing teams: It provides a unique way to drive leads and increase website engagement,
  • For careers teams: supports prospective and current learners with the most current local course and job vacancy information.

Encourage prospective and current learners to find courses that match their career aspirations. 

Careers Explorer

For use by Councils

  • Provides easy to understand and engaging careers information
  • Simple and fast implementation onto your website
  • Promotes local education and training courses including apprenticeships
  • Helps you to support local job seekers

Use Careers Explorer as part of your careers advisory service.

Careers Explorer

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