Data Modelling Solutions


Designed in conjunction with UK fire services, Phoenix is a powerful workload modelling and deployment application for Public Safety organisations. Phoenix analyses mobilisations and resources to model current performance and then compares that to any changes that are made to the configuration of the service.

Phoenix is a quick and simple desktop solution that provides robust evidence to support strategic decision-making in a risk free environment.

Key Features

  • Evidence base for IRMP (integrated risk management plan)
  • Models front line operation in risk free environment including financial modelling capability
  • Models different vehicle configuration and alternate crewing
  • Rapid processes, complex, multi-variant calculations
  • Tailored to meet the modern fire service needs
  • GIS independent – fire services can select their GIS of choice and use it to provide spatial information.
“Phoenix was selected for the speed with which it can generate meaningful information and reports, designed specifically to support fire service planning.  As part of the evaluation process we considered a number of alternative options but chose Phoenix because it is already used by many UK Fire services and has a proven track record of success.”

Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service


Total Solution Mapping (TSM) is a unique, fully integrated geographic and demographic management information system.

Ordnance Survey’s MasterMap and boundary data lie at the heart of Total Solution Mapping, giving detailed and accurate mapping facilities with Census data also seamlessly integrated into the system.

The inclusion of Travel Time Boundaries as an advanced feature of Total Solution Mapping, allows visualisation and interpretation of travel times and travel distances between given locations. The boundaries are based on a complete road network and have due regard to congestion, road closures and speed restrictions.

Designed as a truly versatile system, Total Solution Mapping allows a wide variety of data to be combined, visualised, compared and manipulated and it therefore has beneficial applications in many different market sectors and organisations.

Key Features

  • Not menu driven, no main or sub-menus, no windows opening over windows.
  • Maps and geo-referencing data are built in by Active and remotely maintained.
  • Full configuration of user data devolved to user.
  • TSM holds user data within its system, rather than through links to external databases.
  • Tailored look and feel for your specific industry.


PINPOINT is our Safe and Well Visits Targeting Solution which offers a streamlined and targeted approach to fire prevention work, making the local community safer, as well as creating efficiency and cost savings.

PINPOINT automates the administrative burden of the Safe and Well Visits process, from a public website portal for referrals, to using Mosaic lifestyle data alongside incident and NLPG data to target the homes most at risk. The web based tool also integrates directly with CFRMIS and similar systems so that Safe and Well Visits tasks can be created automatically.

Key Features

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increase the number of high risk household interventions
  • Web-based system to provide information across the FRS
  • Provide a fluidity to risk modelling
  • Tailored data entry to match your business process
  • Automate a number of currently manual processes
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of Safe and Well Visits
  • Simple web environment for all levels of IT user
  • Maximise investment in lifestyle datasets