Product Specialist Visits

Choosing Active as your Dynamics supplier means you automatically become part of our Customer Success programme.  This forms part of our company Mission which puts the customer at the forefront of everything we do.

Once your Dynamics system is up and running, you will be put in touch with a member of our Product Specialist team.  These are Dynamics experts whose responsibility it is to ensure you are up and running successfully, and ensuring that you and your team get the most from your new CRM and/or portal. We remain in contact with you for the duration of your contract – this is a complementary part of our service to you.


Making the system work for you

A Product Specialist visit is tailored to your requirements and could cover any of the following:

  • Does everything work as it should for you and your team?
  • Can we do something to make it easier to capture the information?
  • Are there any sticking points which don’t work for you?
  • Are there other areas that you would like to capture on the CRM that you are not currently?


Refresher training

This could consist of:

  • How to import data
  • Creating reports
  • Creating dashboards
  • How to manage performance
  • How to manage workload
  • How to manage opportunities
  • How to manage a pipeline


Things change – let us help you

  • Have your priorities changed since project briefing and how can we ensure the system can handle this?
  • Are there any additional entities / fields that are now needed?
  • Could you utilise a Portal? We can help you understand the ways that portals can be used.
  • Are your competitors capturing or using information in an interesting way that we could replicate for you within Dynamics?

Following your Product Specialist visit, we will follow up with an email confirming any agreed actions.

The work will then be completed usually within a month and we follow up with a telephone call to check that everything is working as it should be. We continue to provide support and training until you are 100% happy and confident with the system. We usually touch base with our customers every six months to check everything is running smoothly.


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“The team at Active are so helpful and friendly and very willing to adapt the product. Couldn’t be better.”

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