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Total online job postings in the year to 1st December using Labour Insight data



  • Month on month, job postings have decreased by 11.81% from October to November (653,888 postings down to 576,665). This is the first decrease in job postings since March. There were 98,551 (14.6%) fewer jobs advertised this November, compared with jobs advertised in November 2019. – Figure 1
  • Job postings decreased by 10.58% in the week to 28th November – 143,750 jobs advertised in this week.  Job postings are always subject to natural fluctuations and longer time periods always give a more accurate perspective on growth or decline – Figure 2
  • Job postings by top locations – November 2020 vs October 2020: London 12.8% decrease (87,844 jobs advertised in November); Manchester 10.7% decrease (13,218 jobs advertised in November); Birmingham 11% decrease (9,848 jobs advertised in November).- Figure 3
  • Job postings by most in-demand occupations – November 2020 vs October 2020: Healthcare jobs advertised fell by 10.6% to 69,494; IT jobs fell by 6.6% to 61,404, and Sales jobs fell by 19.7% to 36,149. – Figure 4
  • Job postings by top three industries: Human health & social work, Education, Manufacturing – Figure 5

Data from Labour Insight.  Time Series Analysis reporting on 6,291,539 online job postings for the 365 days to 1st December 2020.

Time series reporting by town, county, region is also available.  Contact us to discuss your area in more detail.


**Now available**

High-level, aggregated job postings data for free, to enable researchers to track the economic impact on job markets. The data includes weekly and monthly counts of job postings online in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, as well as the UK. Click here to download the data in excel (.zip file).  The data is available by overall count and by industry or occupation.

Figure 1 – UK job postings – by month to end November 2020

Jobs to Dec

Figure 2 – UK job postings – Last 365 days – by week

Weekly job count

Figure 3 – UK job postings – Last 365 days – by Top locations

Jobs by location

Figure 4 – UK job postings – Last 365 days – by Top occupations

Jobs by occupation

Figure 5 – UK job postings – Last 365 days – by Top industries

Jobs by industry

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