UK labour market tracker 1-30th April 2021

Data from Labour Insight


There were 741,990 jobs posted online in April (% change from March +4.2%)

Most in demand occupations – total jobs posted (% change from March):

  • Software developer / engineer 32,019 (+5.3%)
  • Office / Admin assistant 18,528 (+1.2%)
  • Project Manager 16,779 (+3.6%)

Top employers – total jobs posted – employers with the most job vacancies advertised (Change from March)

  • NHS 30,956 (-5.7%)
  • Whitbread 1,369 (+403.3%)
  • Ceracare 1,347 (+16.7%)

Top employment regions – number of jobs advertised in the following regions (Change from March):

  • Greater London 116,970 (+4.4%)
  • South East 106,497 (+6.6%)
  • North West 70,607 (+0.6%)

Average advertised salary (Change from March): £36,200 (-0.5%)

In demand skills. Jobs specifying the following baseline skills (Change from March):

  • Communication skills 172,775 (+6.2%)
  • Organisational skills 77,166 (+5.7%)
  • Planning 71,538 (+2.6%)

Data from Labour Insight – 1st-30th April 2021.

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Most in-demand occupations April 2021:

top occupations

 Top employers April 2021:

Top employers

Top employment regions April 2021:

Top regions

Most requested baseline employment skills April​ 2021:

Top skills

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