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Labour Insight is used by Councils, LEPs, Colleges and Agencies across the UK to inform communities, underpin strategic planning and align education and curriculums with employer driven regional demands.

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For real insight: Labour Insight

Five years data insight

The only source of historic job postings going back to 2012


Millions of job postings

Labour Insight uses data from close to 40,000 sources

Real time data

Real time data – Job posting to analysis in 48 hours


Patented Technology

Extracts more than 70 data elements from any given job listing

Accuracy assured

View the actual job advert/posting that all reports and data is based on


Eleven different levels of geography


Measure mean and median salaries against government data

Skills Clusters

Identify emerging markets and occupations



Ability to exclude agency and job board postings

Active are UK reseller for Burning Glass technologies.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Labour Insight is used extensively by the marketing team in our LMI activity which includes providing insight to strategy, curriculum planning and IAG. I find Labour Insight provides a clarity and enhances government-based statistics. It is a vital part of our suite of labour market tools that provide detailed intelligence.”

Grimsby Institute

“Labour Insight is a very innovative, easy to use reporting tool and the size and volume of data has provided a lot of opportunities for us to deliver our local targets and ambitions. The data enables us to identify and look at the potential demand for skills and employment opportunities across the sectors and to use it to help support Luton residents to access employment”

Luton Borough Council

“The ability to delve into the full job advertisement allows extensive interrogation of the data and as a result, this goes well beyond any similar statistics we’ve accessed in the past. I would definitely recommend Labour Insight as a source of information for others in local government.”

Central Bedfordshire Council

Labour Insight in use

Labour Insight data is used by a broad range of UK Councils, LEPs and colleges across the UK.  Examples of the data gleaned from Labour Insight can be seen referenced in the reports below.

Labour Insight Blog

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What is “real-time” labour market information, and why is it important?

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