Higher education

Key benefits for universities

Labour Insight is used by universities for strategic planning, curriculum planning employer engagement, business development and higher apprenticeship development.

Curriculum alignment

Labour Insight data enables you to prioritise the skills that are in greatest demand locally, regionally or nationally.  Identify growth in emerging fields, that can’t be tracked using traditional data sources.

Employer engagement

Identify actively hiring employers – with complete visibility of individual job postings.  Use Labour Insight to identify potential partners for your learning programmes.

Higher apprenticeships

Identify relevant degree apprenticeships, and work placement opportunities for local employers.

Marketing and business development

Use labour insight to enhance your prospectus and website with unique LMI relevant to your area.  Students will have evidence to support their decision to study for a degree that’s relevant.  Find inspiring facts that are unique and relevant to your institution.

“Labour Insight is used extensively by the marketing team in our LMI activity which includes providing insight to strategy, curriculum planning and IAG. I find Labour Insight provides a clarity and enhances government-based statistics. It is a vital part of our suite of labour market tools that provide detailed intelligence.”

Grimsby Institute

Book your demo

The best way to experience the amazing depth of data Labour Insight can offer you is to take a 30 minute demonstration.  This can be done online or in person.  We will show you the data that’s most of interest to you and answer any questions you may have.  The demo is not a hard sell and there’s no obligation to buy.

We have extensive experience working with universities using Labour Insight and would be glad to help you understand how the data can be utilised most effectively. Get in touch with a member of our team today.