Labour Insight for Higher Education

The benefits for universities


Universities are increasingly using labour market data to set themselves apart from competition and support critical decision making.  

Refine and improve your programme offering according to real-time demand

Labour Insight data enables you to prioritise the skills that are in greatest demand locally, regionally or nationally.  Identify growth in emerging fields, that can’t be tracked using traditional data sources.


Promote graduate outcomes

Marketing should be able to show that programmes are relevant and meet current demand. Job vacancy and employer data can be used to promote courses to prospective students, illustrating likelihood of finding work within specific sectors, and what level of pay they can expect to earn after graduating.


Find and engage with industry partners

Local employer hiring activity is used to identify potential partners with which to cultivate work placements, Higher Apprenticeships, research, training etc – and to identify emerging industries to strengthen links with.


Support key business decisions

Use market insight as evidence to support funding bids, and operational planning.

Feedback from the team is that this is taking labour market intelligence to a whole new level

Lara Brewer

Employer Engagement Executive, Aston University

Our customers include


We can now exclusively offer Labour Insight US to our UK customers.  Increasingly used by UK universities, Labour Insight US is enabling users to:

  • Conduct job market analysis at the macro and micro level
  • Explore career outcomes associated with programs of study
  • Guide curriculum decisions for innovative and specialized training and degree programs
  • Identify local opportunities for partnership and investment

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