LABOUR INSIGHT: Emsi Burning Glass and Active Informatics Ltd have jointly agreed to conclude their reseller agreement – effective from 8th November 2021 and as such all Labour Insight contracts including helpdesk support are now direct with Emsi Burning Glass. If you have any questions about Labour Insight please contact Emsi Burning Glass VP, UK Operations, John Gray at

Sorry we no longer provide Labour Insight snapshot reports – please contact EmsiBG direct [click here]

A free 90-day county snapshot report is available to those working within universities, local government, careers and recruitment. The report will show the following for your county:

  • Job demand by town
  • Job demand by occupation
  • Job postings by occupation families
  • Top employers
  • Top skills in demand
  • Education levels required

from thousands of online job postings over the last 90 days.

For a more detailed report, or discussion about a specific location, occupation or skill, please contact a member of our team.

[We regret we cannot send more than two free reports per person or per organisation in a 12 month period.]

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