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Whether you’re new to Labour Insight, a bit rusty, or just unsure of it’s full capabilities, we are on-hand to provide the support that you need to help you make the most of the tool.

User training – duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

This is the session that most of you will be familiar with. It covers where the data come from, how it is put together, all data elements, 95% of the reports and all the functionality. This is a must for anyone who will be using the tool personally. With the addition of the Skills Projections and Competitor Benchmarking reports as well as the excellent questions in many recent sessions, the session now lasts 1 hour 45 minutes.


Awareness training – duration: up to 1 hour

This session is designed for people who will regularly see the Labour Insight outputs but won’t use the tool themselves. This is especially useful for raising awareness of what Labour Insight can do in your organisation and giving people the confidence to talk through the reports with third parties. It covers where the data comes from and how it is put together; all data elements and the reports that are most useful for your organisation.


Advanced bespoke training – duration: as long as you need

Starting your first targeted Labour Insight report can be so daunting. Which of the many filters should you use and what is the difference? You are not alone! Send your report parameters though to us and we will build a few reports for you using the most appropriate filters and save them in your saved space. Next, we have an online session where we take you though the methods used to build them, we brainstorm and fine tune the results as required. This should give you the confidence to build your own reports but we are always available for advice sanity checks!

Please let us know if you would like to take up any of these options or if you have any requirements not covered here.


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“Knowledgeable and friendly my trainer took the time to answer my many questions as an absolute beginner, which was much appreciated”


Sarah Ward

Grimsby Institute

“Catherine was very informative as well as being very engaging – a good sense of humour!”


Naomi Stark

University of Salford

“Tailored sessions in order to pull out information that had an immediate relevance, which sparked ideas for how everyone could use it practically in their work”


Lara Brewer

Aston University