Dynamics 365 Student Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing Management within Higher Education


Do you really know how many of your students are struggling with mental health issues today? How many have started missing lectures, not logged on recently, or who may have reached out through your wellbeing events? Dynamics 365 Student Wellbeing provides a unique way of helping you monitor the digital footprint of each individual – a comprehensive way of tracking and monitoring markers of mental health and wellbeing.

Universities we have spoken to have told us how their records on students health and wellbeing are frequently disjointed, inaccessible across departments, and do not enable a holistic approach to student welfare.  This Cloud based Microsoft CRM addresses these issues, allowing a complete and continuous record of all wellbeing interactions a student may have, securely accessible to those departments or individuals that need it.

At least 95 university students took their own lives in 2016–17 (ONS, 2018). In response, Universities UK has published The University Mental Health Charter to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of university students With this in mind, we have developed our Student Wellbeing CRM – a cloud-based and holistic way of managing information about student wellbeing via our Microsoft platform, which integrates easily with your existing systems.

Key features:

  • Mental health and wellbeing session tracking
  • Ensure students pastoral care history is recorded ongoing
  • Exam support & disability support also feature
  • Workshop / drop in sessions management
  • Reporting dashboards – track attendance etc
  • Risk scoring
  • Track referral destinations
  • Built on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform – Cloud based and secure
  • Optional: Secure student portal

Secure web portal:

A key feature is our web portal – which enables students to easily register concern about an individual; or for individuals to get help – all totally mobile, secure, and linked to your database.

  • Students can register concern about a fellow student or request support for themselves
  • Students can register for wellbeing events and drop-in sessions
  • Ensures key information is captured so that appropriate response is triggered
  • Portal is built to your specification, and designed to match your university branding
  • Fully secure and mobile friendly – linking directly back to your CRM

Key benefits:

  • A ‘one stop shop’ for all student wellbeing case management – Gives a centralised view of every case – enables easy and safe communications between Student services and wider university staff who may be involved with student welfare.
  • You decide which staff members can access the system – enable greater sharing of information securely, across University teams.
  • Easily integrates with existing software and MIS systems
  • Safe storage and sharing of information – capture and record student consent
  • MS Dynamics gives fantastic flexibility and integration options
  • Cloud based – fully futureproof with automatic system updates

Additional benefits:

  • System customisation based on the needs of your university
  • Training and helpdesk support included


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