Student Talent Portal: Transforming Apprenticeships Management For Colleges

You can now manage college apprenticeship placements via a new self-service web portal which gives students access to the latest vacancies; and gives employers access to the best candidate profiles within the college Talent Pool.

Using the Portal alongside your CRM streamlines the user experience, aiding employer engagement, and making your apprenticeship management processes more efficient.

How it works

  • Colleges create apprenticeship vacancies within their Dynamics 365 Education CRM which at the same time, posts them automatically onto the Find An Apprentice (NAS) website, job boards such as and importantly the college Talent Portal, avoiding the need for duplicating entries.
  • Alternatively, colleges could instead allow the employer to post the initial vacancy directly through the Portal which would then get signed off by the college before posting.
  • Students can search for current vacancies available at the college.
  • As vacancies are applied for, candidate details are automatically captured and contact records are created or updated with relation to the specific Employer Apprenticeship vacancy in CRM.  This alleviates what is usually a manual and time-consuming task that involves multiple data entries.
  • You can allow selected employers to browse the Talent Pool to identify the best suited candidates; filtering based on the candidate’s interests and qualifications.

How the Student Talent Portal benefits your college

  • Information is seamlessly linked back to your Dynamics 365 CRM so that your employer engagement team can monitor the vacancies. Information is stored against the student even though the student personal information is not given to the employer.  Data remains secure and the college remains compliant with GDPR.
  • By automating the way apprenticeship vacancies are posted, processed, tracked and managed, colleges save time and money.
  • Over time, the information captured will result in the creation of learner Talent Pools that can be used again as new and similar vacancies arise.
  • Vacancies that come through Dynamics 365 from the employer engagement team are automatically uploaded to the Portal so that what’s visible to the user is always up to date.
  • The portal is branded to match your website for a seamless user experience.

Want to know more?

We are developing apprenticeship and alumni portals for clients.  If you’d like us to walk you through what’s being done by other colleges, please get in touch.  We can arrange a 30-minute online demonstration, a face to face discussion, or you might like to join our webinar in September: TBC



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