New labour market insight for Surrey County Council

We’re delighted that Surrey County Council are now using our careers advise tool Careers Explorer to bring helpful and engaging careers information to residents and local training providers. Users can access local labour market information which is displayed in an easy to understand way; as well as search for courses, apprenticeships and job vacancies, based on their interests >>

The Council are also using our LMI data tool Labour Insight to help them Identify at a more granular level, the skills which are required to support growth in the region.

“Careers Explorer transforms our website from providing static information about progression pathways to offering real-time information to support decisions about sustainable careers in the local area.

The wide range of information available, which is presented in a very user-friendly way, enables young people to look at the elements most relevant to them to make an informed decision about their next steps.

Labour Insight adds additional value by enabling us to carry out bespoke labour market analysis to support projects focussed on specific industries or local areas.

Both products provide good value for money with regards to their functionality. Active have always been quick to address any queries arising and have demonstrated a willingness to work with us to further develop the products to better meet our needs where possible”.

— Dee Turvill, Commissioning Manager, Learning & Skills, Surrey County Council

Both Labour Insight and Careers Explorer are used widely in conjunction with each other by Councils.  Ask us for details of our special Labour Insight / Careers Explorer combination package.