University of Birmingham


Bucks LEP and the University of Birmingham

Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP are the latest LEP to benefit from adding real-time LMI to their research toolbox. Labour Insight will be used by the research team for undertaking Skills Advisory Panel (SAP) analysis.  Their remit as a SAP requires them to analyse local skills demand. Labour Insight will enable them to see which sectors and occupations are expanding; to understand what qualifications these occupations require and which skills are transferrable or specialist.

The University of Birmingham proudly occupies its position as a top 100 global university.  With 23,000 undergraduate students, and over 12,000 postgraduates, it’s the fourth largest university in the UK.  We are delighted the University has chosen Labour Insight, where it will be used by the Postgraduate recruitment team to help meet recruitment targets using data analysis and market intelligence. Labour Insight will enable them to provide an in-depth knowledge of the recruitment environment in the UK in order to model an appropriate strategy for the University.