Fresh perspectives = more (labour) insight!

As summer comes to a close, it’s not just students that return to the drawing board. Many of us are starting new projects, maybe with additional team members, or we may simply be adjusting our focus based on new perspectives gained during the warmer months.

As always, Labour Insight aims to deliver fresh, relevant LMI straight to your fingertips. This summer, there are two features which we hope will help you connect with your colleagues as well as your data!

Report sharing outside of your user group:

Do you ever run a report in Labour Insight and wish you could share the results with a colleague or associate, but they don’t have an account of their own? Now you can share PDF versions of data reports with anyone straight out of LI, as long as they have access to an e-mail address. Click on the envelope icon in your toolbar to try it!


New report for yearly job counts:

Are you curious to see how demand for an occupation or skill has across the years? Now you can! Our new ‘Job Counts by Year’ report sits right below its quarterly cousin in the report dropdown:

Yearly report

As always, if you have any questions or feedback regarding the changes above, or you need further training on any aspect of Labour Insight, please get in touch with our support desk.