Labour Insight users survey: Quality data brings tangible benefits

Providing current and highly granular insights in a way that no other source does, Labour Insight enables a deep understanding of skills demand on a national, regional and local level, with data from nearly 40,000 sources, going back to 2012.

Feedback from our recent survey* of Labour Insight users shows the positive impact that access to historical and accurate job vacancy data has had.  Labour Insight data has brought positive change to resource provision, economic development planning, and curriculum planning and is used widely to produce local labour market insights and careers reports.

What changes have been made as a result of the information gleaned from Labour Insight?

  • “More informed careers information for young people”
  • “More relevant HE and college provision”
  • “Supported higher value growth and better skills provision”
  • “Helped us to commission £60m of ESF resource and invest in capital skills”
  • “A focused employment and skills plan”
  • “An increasing number of businesses interested in the [local] labour market”

Data you can trust

All Labour Insight job postings are available to view going back to 2012, allowing for trend analysis.  No other job vacancy data guarantees such a high level of transparency or granularity, by eleven different levels of geography.

All users we surveyed rated the data available from Labour Insight as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

Need further training?

We provide full training and ongoing support to all our customers. If you are involved in economic development, curriculum planning or careers provision in your local area, and you’re interested in getting Labour Insight to work harder for you, please get in touch with our Helpdesk.

95% of our customers rated our training and support as good or excellent

* Survey of our Labour Insight customers– June 2017
Quality of training and support by Active Informatics rated good or excellent by 95% of respondents
90% of respondents would recommend Labour Insight to others
100% of respondents rated Labour Insight data as good or excellent