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All organisations face tasks that require data entry or data capture that are manual and repetitive, which can lead to innacuracies and potentially delays in obtaining results. Do you often set about a task and think “there must be an easier way to do this”…

It’s time to think outside the box and beyond the traditional set of prepackaged MS Dynamics 365 applications. We will work with you to turn your business knowledge into something brilliant, building custom Microsoft Dataverse driven applications tailored to your data and processes.

The process is simple:

  • Model your business data
  • Define your business processes
  • We’ll build the App

So what is a Power App?

Power Apps provide a visual interface where you can collect data using forms or data entry screens, from simple data collection forms to complex business process automation.

Why use an App?

Power Apps connect to your M365 environment. So all your App data and wider organisational data will sit within your own tenancy or Dataverse, which means it’s accessible to you using any of your MS applications or platforms. Power Apps can connect to your databases, spreadsheets, and online services, allowing you to access and manipulate data from multiple places in one app.

Why else should you use a Power App for a task?

  • Speed – allows you to view and manipulate your data quickly and efficiently
  • Protects your data with Microsoft security features
  • Avoids paperwork and spreadsheets!
  • Avoids duplication and error that can come with manual input data
  • Collaborative – multiple users can interact with the data
  • Mobile-Friendly

Build it yourself…… or let us do it for you!

  • While Power Apps are low-code, meaning they can technically be built by anybody, we realise that staff working within Education are hugely time pressured. And low-code doesn’t mean no-code! We think you can create a more functional app if you have some coding expertise, and our team have that!
  • Fast turnaround – generally app development is in days or weeks not months!
  • Our experts dedicated to your project – We have the time and resources to build your app where perhaps you may not.

Apps we can build

Here are some examples of the type of Power Apps we can build for your organisation. This is by no means an exhaustive list but just some examples!

Services Management

Create an app for residents to report issues like potholes, graffiti, or broken streetlights. Automate the process of assigning and tracking service requests to improve response times.

Permit and Licensing Applications

Develop an application for residents and businesses to apply for permits, licenses, or planning approvals. Automate the approval process and issue digital permits, reducing paperwork.

Waste Collection and Recycling

Build an app to provide collection schedules, recycling tips, and waste bin requests. Enable residents to report missed collections or request additional services.

Council Tax Management

Create an app for residents to view and pay council tax bills online. Automate reminders and notifications for payment deadlines.

Parking Permit Requests

Develop an application for residents to apply for parking permits. Streamline the approval process and reduce paperwork.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Build an app for residents to provide feedback, suggestions, or report community issues. Use Power Apps to track community sentiment and respond to concerns.

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Implement an app for sending emergency alerts and notifications to residents. Notify them about severe weather, road closures, or other urgent situations.

Public Health Campaigns

Build an app to promote public health initiatives, such as vaccination appointments and health advice during outbreaks. Encourage residents to stay informed and take necessary action

Case Management

Create an app for social workers to manage and track cases involving vulnerable individuals or families. Ensure efficient and secure handling of sensitive information.


If you have an idea and you’d like to discuss app options with us we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch for an initial chat.

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