Bringing data to life with PowerBI


Powerful data visualisation


PowerBI dashboards will instantly improve how you can view, share and interact with your data, using filters and regional breakdowns and visualisations built to suit your team.

As platform integration experts within the education sector, we are able to build you powerful data dashboards to give you insights that are unmatched by spreadsheets.

Real time data feeds mean your dashboard always remains as up to date as the current data source. And no more struggling to visualise and update multiple data sets, as these can all be linked together using your PowerBI dashboard.

PowerBI dashboards are perfect for employer data, sales pipelines, apprentice data or for any team that requires complex data to be visual, intuitive and interactive.

Your dashboard is a powerful tool and can be used to share key information with colleagues across all levels of your organisation.

Data dashboard projects are carried out on a bespoke basis. Please feel free to get in touch for an initial chat – and we can discuss with you what’s possible.

I really value the work being done on PowerBI. It is really supporting us to manage our apprenticeship sales more effectively.

Paul Rolfe

Associate Principal, Employers and Stakeholders , Chichester College Group

PowerBI example dashboard – click and play

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If you would like to get PowerBI implemented at your organisation, or you already have PowerBI but would like help integrating your data sources, we can help. Use the form below and a member of our team will give you a call to understand your requirements.

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