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Student information management, and careers advice tracking

Intuition Safeguarding

Intuition Safeguarding enables the creation and management of an evidence base that safeguards students and reduces time spent on management reporting, self assessment reports and Ofsted inspections. Intuition Safeguarding will capture information on every type of pastoral care from counselling and careers to welfare and well-being.  Staff quickly gain an holistic and historic view of an individual during his or her time as a student and can measure intended and actual destinations for learners as they complete their studies.

Intuition also addresses the key areas of safeguarding and financial management, further improving safeguarding processes by logging third party referrals such as social care agencies, tracking outstanding issues and measuring outcomes and in these times of funding constraints the software allows the close tracking of funding applications and the precise management of bursary payments.


Key Features

  • Provides an evidence base and report outputs for self assessment reports SARs and Ofsted
  • Tracks every enquiry and application
  • Comprehensively records destinations and outcomes
  • Improves the management of bursaries, discretionary funding and management of finance
  • Highlights ‘at risk’ students
  • Hosted application with minimal impact on organisation’s ICT team
  • Compliant with GDPR, all learners’ data stored within the UK

“I recommend Intuition a lot.  Being able to track safeguarding issues as a team and produce meaningful reports has had a really positive impact on our work”.

East Berkshire College

Intuition Careers

Intuition Careers is a careers advice and tracking tool. It supports the delivery of impartial and evidence-based careers advice using information about the local job market, combined with a tracking system to record all interaction and follow-up activities to fully support the learner. The tracking system allows advisors, with the correct security settings, to share the results of a careers interview with chosen personnel, i.e. teacher, counsellor, parent and the student via emails.

Key Features

  • Track all careers sessions and their outcomes
  • Link careers session outcomes to destinations within one application
  • Access labour market information from within one system
  • Easy-to-understand graphs to support evidence-based careers advice
  • Provide impartial careers advice
  • Skills based search
  • Promote apprenticeships or courses depending on the student’s interests
  • Share the careers tool with the student for independent viewing outside of the careers session

“I am sure Intuition Careers will be very helpful in compiling reports showing the outcomes and achievements of our students. Following your excellent training day, it is very easy to input data and your support has been first class on every query I have raised”.

Hadlow College

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